Final assembly

At last! We're coming out of lockdown and Cows About Cambridge announce that the trail will go ahead this summer. It's time to get the cow constructed.

Chris and Josh considering the job ahead

Josh has done a brilliant job mounting all the pumps on the tank and setting up the control software that runs them. An Arduino board controls relays that power the pumps, and the whole thing is powered by a battery that is recharged by the solar panels. All the electronics are housed in a waterproof box.

The cow's brain

Chris and Josh insert the tank and connect up the hoses to the watering nozzles, then drop in the control box and connect it up to the solar panels.

The sensor from open-seneca is tested and ready to go...

open-seneca sensor and controller Josh fits it inside the cowbell. That's it - all the electronics are ready!

Sensor mounted in the cowbell

We realise that it's going to be hard to carry Moss Cow once she's covered in moss, so Chris creates a stretcher-on-wheels to make her easier to move around

The cow's uddercarriage