Cambridge Moss Cow

Part of the Cows About Cambridge art trail

Moss Cow in front of a Stagecoach electric bus

It's time to have a COW

Particulates are a problem

The tiny pieces of soot that come from our vehicle engines are bad for our lungs, especially if there is a lot in the air

We need to cut the CO2

Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, comes out of our vehicle exhausts when the engine is running. It builds up in the atmosphere, trapping heat and contributing to climate change

Moss can help (but the cow is optional)
All plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, and moss is very good at filtering out the tiny particles from vehicles. If we have more greenery in our towns and cities, use electric vehicles, or even better travel under our own power by walking or cycling, we can reduce global warming.

Air Quality

The Moss Cow's cowbell contains an air quality sensor that is constantly monitoring for particulate pollution. The pollution it measures is called "PM2.5" which means particles smaller than 2.5 microns across. These are the most harmful to human health.

What's good and bad air quality?

The US Environmental Protection Agency describes different levels of PM2.5 in the air like this:

Weather is important

Weather conditions, especially wind, can make a big difference to the amount of particulates in the atmosphere. A strong wind from the West brings clean air in from the Atlantic to the UK. Wind from the East can blow pollution in from cities in Europe, adding to the pollution from our own cities.

Sign the charter to become part of the solution

The Cambridge Climate Change Charter gives everyone the opportunity to find out more about their carbon emissions and how to reduce them, and to make a pledge to take action

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Where to find me

The Cows About Cambridge trail is now finished, and Moss Cow is looking forward to finding out where her forever home will be!

Moss cow by the war memorial
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